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We developed our device as the first interactive floor with the ability to operate with interactive pens. Now, we have 92 diverse applications in the basic set (70 motion-based, 22 pen-based). Thanks to the use of the pen, the user is able to play far more elaborate games, such as Sudoku, Light Bulbs, and Billiards. But also, like the standard floors, we have a set of motion games, allowing us to punch balloons or play football!

Divide your interactive area into separate boards, choose the display method (front or sides) to stand in a convenient spot, playing several applications at the same time.

The applications are divided into several types - thematic, logical, entertaining, educational or arcade, and by the number of players - single player, pair or team games.


Operate the interactive floor with a free app on your phone or tablet. Simply install the Motioncube Mobile Control app on your mobile device connected to the same network. You don't have to be close to the floor to control it, select games, browse packages and switch playlists from your phone. (Only for Android).

Take advantage of the floor's capabilities and personalise them exactly to your needs! Create your own playlists - automatically switch games that you choose or set their order and duration.

Add your games to favourites, view your most played games, and check the history of your selected applications.

Customize the text display with new personalized packages - for birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries!

Change the language in your floor! The interface is now available in 8 languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and German.

Match your device with a mobile stand or a SmartFloor mobile audio - thanks to additional 2 x 20 W speakers, sounds can be heard in any environment - a day care center, a gymnasium or a classroom.

Built-in app store

The built-in store allows users to buy applications at any time, all they need is an Internet connection. Each user has the option to expand their game library.

The built-in store also allows you to download demo applications - you can try any application for free and only after testing it, decide whether to purchase it.

For your convenience

Using our device is extremely easy thanks to a developed, intuitive interface. Each application has a built-in manual, a detailed description of the games, as well as information on the mode of operation (motion, tablet, robot or pen). Another convenience for the user is a built-in on-screen keyboard, so there is no need to connect an additional device.

Calibration on the SmartFloor interactive floor is fully automated, and the process takes up to 10 seconds. The camera adjusts itself to the projection and does not require manual marking of projection points.

Thanks to the built-in help center, the user has all the knowledge he needs gathered directly on the device. It features instructions, first steps with the device, FAQs and QR codes for package guides.

Each package comes with an extensive application guide, which can be found on the website and in the "Help Centre" on the device. It's a ready-made content base with a complete set of information, as well as an index of games and inspiration useful for teachers and educators using the interactive floor.

The remote control has two ways of navigating the menu - a simpler one, using the arrow keys, as well as a more advanced one, using the gyroscope (we control using wrist movement). Using the remote control and the on-screen keyboard, we can easily and intuitively, control the functions of the floor, without connecting other devices.

For the visually impaired and for better visibility in low light conditions, we created a high contrast mode. In addition, we have used dark backgrounds that do not bug the eyes, and we have dispensed with small elements that one has to stare at. The colour palette used, with a fixed set of colours, is conducive to peace, tranquillity and concentration.

Technically advanced

For maximum user experience, we provide a 2-year warranty on the device.

By using a network connection, we have the ability to perform the service remotely, without user intervention.

When you purchase the device, you get all the essential extras you need to use the interactive floor comfortably: 3 short pens, a telescopic pen, power cords, a wall mount and a remote control. That's it - the user doesn't need any additional keyboards, items needed for calibration or remotes to control the projector.

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